Nisrine Boukhari: A Letter Between Two Cities

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A letter between two cities. Damascus Vienna

In collaboration with AllArtNow


City Link Festival, Gängeviertel, Hamburg

Sept 5th — 14th 2014

We have not just been displaced because of the war but we carry the city inside us wherefore the city is displaced too.

The two videos showed in the exhibition are part of an ongoing project of several letters being sent from Damascus to another city in the world. The letters are humanising the city in its speech and researching the idea of a city in conflict.

The letters presented here, are from Damascus to Vienna and from Damascus to Copenhagen.

 Nisrine Boukhari is a multidisciplinary artist, she graduated from the sculpture department at the fine arts faculty in Damascus, and has obtained a Master in Social Design from the University of Applied Arts/Vienna. In her work, she uses concepts of psycho-geography to explore our relationship to inner and domestic space.

 AllArtNow is considered to be the first independent collective space in Syria for visual arts, multimedia and contemporary arts.

The videos, courtesy by AllArtNow, is part from their program “AllArtNow on Move”.

AllArtNow was founded in 2005, as the only independent collective organisation for visual arts in Syria. The founders aim to create greater opportunities for emerging Syrian artists and the development of the contemporary arts practice in Syria.

Since July 2012, AllArtNow closed its door in Syria to open it to Syrian refugee families and started to work in different places in the world as a nomadic space.


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