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Visit by Lisa Sigal Drawing Center NYC

Jeanette Sætre: A Portrait of Eleanor

  ACT III THE SAME SCENE – The table has been placed in the middle of the stage, with chairs around it. A lamp is burning on the table. The door into the hall stands open. Dance music is heard in the room above (…). (…) (…) (…) Hel. – You have destroyed my whole more »

Jeanette Sætre

Hilda Ekeroth

Kristina Matousch

Anette Abrahamsson

A Doll’s House Repaired – Eleanor Marx and Israel Zangwill (ed. Jeanette Sætre)

A Doll’s House Repaired is a satirical rewrite of the third act in Ibsen’s play by Eleanor Marx and Israel Zangwill. It was first published in an article in the progressive cultural paper Time in March 1891, and then republished as a pamphlet later the same year. The original pamphlet – in one badly damaged more »