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Walls and Other Walls – Johanne Sigvardsen and Hilda Ekeroth (ed. Hilda Ekeroth)

Exhibition booklet. Published in connection with the exhibition: Walls and Other Walls by Johanne Sigvardsen and Hilda Ekeroth in Ok Corral, Copenhagen 2014. 16 pages. Saddle-stiched, hand sewn. First print 30 ex. Antechamber Publishing House, Copenhagen 2014 Ed., layout, print, binding: Hilda Ekeroth ISBN:87-996129-2-5      

Johanne Sigvardsen and Hilda Ekeroth: Walls and Other Walls

Antechamber presents: Walls and Other Walls Johanne Dybdal Sigvardsen and Hilda Ekeroth 23. Nov. – 1. Dec. 2013 Opening 22. November Gängeviertel Valentinskamp/ Speckstrasse, 20355 Hamburg A total installation in five rooms of the Gängeviertel Speckstrasse. With the intention to interact with the old and new stories in a space – encapsulated in an more »