Nisrine Boukhari: A Letter Between Two Cities

In collaboration with AllArtNow   City Link Festival, Gängeviertel, Hamburg Sept 5th — 14th 2014 We have not just been displaced because of the war but we carry the city inside us wherefore the city is displaced too. The two videos showed in the exhibition are part of an ongoing project of several letters being more »

Johanne Sigvardsen and Hilda Ekeroth: Walls and Other Walls

Antechamber presents: Walls and Other Walls Johanne Dybdal Sigvardsen and Hilda Ekeroth 23. Nov. – 1. Dec. 2013 Opening 22. November Gängeviertel Valentinskamp/ Speckstrasse, 20355 Hamburg A total installation in five rooms of the Gängeviertel Speckstrasse. With the intention to interact with the old and new stories in a space – encapsulated in an more »

Jeuno Je Kim and Lasse Krogh Møller: The Residents: Greece Gropers & Ore X Crepe

  The condition: X works with Y to make Z. U works with V to run W. X and Y decide to bring Z to W, because U and V think it would be good to have Z in W.   The process: X and Y look at W which is sometimes used as S more »

Jeanette Sætre: A Portrait of Eleanor

  ACT III THE SAME SCENE – The table has been placed in the middle of the stage, with chairs around it. A lamp is burning on the table. The door into the hall stands open. Dance music is heard in the room above (…). (…) (…) (…) Hel. – You have destroyed my whole more »

Hilda Ekeroth: List of Influences

  This page has no words for a reason That is what it says on a blank page, in a real book, that is put online.   I´m drawn to fragmentary forms, to lists, diaries, notebooks, and letters. It´s the concreteness of these forms, the clarity of their adress, that appeals and elicits a frission, more »

Anette Abrahamsson og Maria Finn: Allusion

Anette Abrahamsen. Hund 1 & 2. 2012   Maria Finn. T-shirt 1 & 2. 2012           Anette Abrahamsson. Still life. 1-5   Maria Finn. Grå 7. 2012 Maria Finn. Grå 8. 2012 Lydværk: Maria Finn. Allusion Antechamber Session. Lyd optaget på stedet.   Overviews:         Til udstillingen ”Allusion” på more »

Kristina Matousch: Painting Fucking Guilty Pleasure

                  “Paint is paint”, she said, “but as the material transcends to figuration I shiver from lust and repulsion”. She continued: “The act of painting is intimate, loving and erotic, but also disgusting. The painting is a pleaser, a commodity, vulgar and without resistance. The marks of more »

Alt_Cph 2012

  Malte Fisker       Malte Fisker       Hilda Ekeroth       Jeanette Sætre       Anette Abrahamsson       Jeanette Sætre       Overview       Overview     Antechamber – Project Space for Drawing and Other Research at Alt_Cph   At Alt_Cph, Antechamber presents Conversation more »

Jen Liu IPOOOOO Prequel: Three Jokes for Sod

Jen Liu Prequel - Three Jokes for Sod

IPOOOOO Prequel: Three Jokes for Sod is a performance-prequel for the fictional premise of Jen Liu’s solo exhibition at SOD Space of Drawings. In late June, slide images of people wearing sweaters, 2 records, and a package of mixed seeds: carrots, beets, and turnips, were buried outside Antechamber – Project Space for Drawing and Other more »

Strategies of Magic #4

a Performance Lecture by Annika Lundgren and Thomas Dahl   Photos: Malle Madsen