Antechamber Publishing House is committed to the book as format, and will at irregular intervals publish titles in Antechamber’s spirit.

Replacement Models for the Artist Run Space – THE WINTER OFFICE

  Replacement Models for the Artist Run Space a proposal and an artist book by THE WINTER OFFICE Antechamber Publishing House, 2014 For the Artist Run festival at Overgaden, Copenhagen in May 2014 THE WINTER OFFICE  proposed a conceptual work of art/architecture addressing their research and conceptual concerns regarding “artist run” spaces, use, and development more »

Walls and Other Walls – Johanne Sigvardsen and Hilda Ekeroth (ed. Hilda Ekeroth)

Exhibition booklet. Published in connection with the exhibition: Walls and Other Walls by Johanne Sigvardsen and Hilda Ekeroth in Ok Corral, Copenhagen 2014. 16 pages. Saddle-stiched, hand sewn. First print 30 ex. Antechamber Publishing House, Copenhagen 2014 Ed., layout, print, binding: Hilda Ekeroth ISBN:87-996129-2-5      

A Doll’s House Repaired – Eleanor Marx and Israel Zangwill (ed. Jeanette Sætre)

A Doll’s House Repaired is a satirical rewrite of the third act in Ibsen’s play by Eleanor Marx and Israel Zangwill. It was first published in an article in the progressive cultural paper Time in March 1891, and then republished as a pamphlet later the same year. The original pamphlet – in one badly damaged more »