Johanne Sigvardsen and Hilda Ekeroth: Walls and Other Walls








Antechamber presents:

Walls and Other Walls
Johanne Dybdal Sigvardsen and Hilda Ekeroth

23. Nov. – 1. Dec. 2013 Opening 22. November

Valentinskamp/ Speckstrasse, 20355 Hamburg

A total installation in five rooms of the Gängeviertel Speckstrasse. With the intention to interact with the old and new stories in a space – encapsulated in an in-between state of preservation and progression – we left parts of the space on hold, not to be overseen but activated on premises outside of the works that was brought from Copenhagen to Hamburg. The walls of the space are pregnant with information; from which we have tried to draw and withdraw.

The pieces in Walls and Other Walls are made in each of our studios in Copenhagen, referring to walls and fragments, and based on reflection and dialogue between us around the meaning of a room and of transgression.

Post processed inkjet print, A4, 2013.
Johanne Dybdal Sigvardsen.
Gesso, pencil, oil and watercolor on cotton canvas, 30 cm x 40 cm, 2013. Inkjet prints on papers, A4, 2013. Hilda Ekeroth.