The Lot – temporary sculpture park in Antechambers back yard

Owen Armour (AUS/SE), Saskia Te Nicklin (DK), Moa Israelsson Forsberg (SE).
Lecture-performance by Annika Lundgren (SE) August 17.

Curated by Hilda Ekeroth, Jeanette Sætre and Rolf Nowotny.


June 15 – August 18. Open all hours.



Saskia Te Nicklin

Moa Israelsson Forsberg

Owen Armour








The fence barely kept the trees from falling into the back yard. I stood by the sink watching them leaning again it. With lips to my coffee I was frozen in thought. Nature I guess. Brute forces colliding until one yields to the other. That is how the world progresses, by debasement and conquest. I saw my position in the scheme of things.

Rain started tapping on the windows, and silently color the rubble outside my window. An almost inhearable thump, thump, thump against the grainy gravel. I could almost feel my feet getting wet, my socks moist and cold, as I mentally prepared myself to go outside.

I placed my now empty cup on the table. I didn’t rinse it. Dawn was coming. I collected my things; jacket, a wallet, my phone and a bundle of keys, and put them into a plastic bag. I wrapped the plastic tightly around the bundle, to keep the water from seeping in.


Photography: Jan Søndergaard

Projektet støttes af Statens Kunstråds Billedkunstudvalg, Københavns Kommunes Billedkunstudvalg og Clara Lachmanns Stiftelse