A Doll’s House Repaired – Eleanor Marx and Israel Zangwill (ed. Jeanette Sætre)

A Doll’s House Repaired is a satirical rewrite of the third act in Ibsen’s play by Eleanor Marx and Israel Zangwill. It was first published in an article in the progressive cultural paper Time in March 1891, and then republished as a pamphlet later the same year. The original pamphlet – in one badly damaged copy – survives in LSE Library, London.

This re-republishing of the text is in the context of A Portrait of Eleanor, an exhibition by Jeanette Sætre at Antechamber in April 2013. The project reflects on the story of the revolutionary Eleanor Marx (daughter of Karl Marx); a translator of fiction and nonfiction, author, public commentator and speaker, as well as actress, with a conviction of art’s central role as a tool in the struggle for social change and gender equality. The booklet is the last chapter in a publication on Eleanor Marx’s views on art – the remaining chapters will be released later this year.

Antechamber Publishing House, Copenhagen 2013

Layout and print: Thomas Rafn & Jeanette Sætre
Bookbinding: IbenBooks

ISBN: 978-87-996129-0-1