Antechamber presents: THE WINTER OFFICE at Artist Run:

TWOReplacement Models for the Artist Run Space
a proposal and an artist book by THE WINTER OFFICE
Antechamber Publishing House, 2014

Artist Run: Joint Opening: Friday May 9 from 17-21
Conference: Sat-Sun. May 10-11 from 10-17 at Overgaden – Institut for Samtidskunst

For the Artist Run festival THE WINTER OFFICE will propose a conceptual work of art/architecture which will address their research and conceptual concerns regarding “artist run” spaces, use, and development – in the form of a publication. The publication presents a series of monochrome drawings as investigations of space, aiming to suggest a ”new” architecture for the artist run space.

The publication will be presented at the conference May 10-11 2014, and can be obtained at numerous locations throughout the festival as well as online as a pdf. For more information about the project, or how to get your hands on a copy, see,

THE WINTER OFFICE is an experimental work group with an interest in architecture, planning and social science research, coordinated by the American artist Hugo Hopping, the Danish architect and urban planner Johanna Ferrer Guldager, and the Italian architect Sara Armento.

Artist Run is an international festival, with more than fifteen local and international artist-run exhibition spaces. Each contribute with an exhibition and joint vernissage event at locations spread throughout Copenhagen.

For the Artist Run festival Antechamber has invited THE WINTER OFFICE as a continuation of the online publishing experiment The Void; the first edition – spanning over a year – created by Hugo Hopping.


Looking forward to see you at the festival!

Hilda and Jeanette, Antechamber